Epi biodegradable additive called TDPA™ is a scientific and cost-effective product that accelerates the decomposition of plastics in nature. When TDPA™ is added to PE, PP and PS, it takes control of their existence and the plastic begins to degrade by exposure to ultraviolet light (sunlight), high temperatures, mechanical stresses and microorganisms in the soil

The shelf life of biodegradable plastics containing Oxo-biodegradable additive can be changed from a few months to several years depending on the customer’s needs, and also on the type and amount of TDPA added

In this process, lengthy polymer chains are easily fragmented and their carbon and hydrogen are combined with oxygen in the air. Therefore, they’re oxidized and decomposed into H2O, CO2 and organic fertilizer, which are not harmful to nature

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National Standard of Iran

National Standard of Iran

The use of Modern Technolog

Modern System and High Technology Machinery is utilized during the process of preparation and manufacturing Pars Eskan Plastic products to decrease environmental pollution

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We have created a Distinct World of Plastics by Diversity in Products and Speed of Supply.ا


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