Export and Import

Pars Eskan is capable of exporting all the company’s products to all countries in the Middle East, Far East, and Central Asia. In the field of export of all products, the company is ready to sign contracts with companies, businessmen and traders, domestic and foreign, governmental and non-governmental organizations and institutions, natural and legal persons. The applicants for consultation and receiving information in this regard can contact with sales experts and export company.

Export services of Pars Eskan Plastic Company include the following:

  1. Free consulting services in the fields of customs affairs including customs clearance, export, order registration, declaration round, transportation and transit, etc. Also, customs consulting, laws and regulations
  2. Exporting and clearing customer in all customs of the country
  3. Delivery conditions, arrangement, and shipping costs, export and customs costs of the border of origin according to the agreement of the parties in the contract
  4. Coordinating with the customer and his representative regarding the delivery of the order at the customer’s desired border
  5. Sending orders with Pars Eskan Plastic business card and with high confidence regarding non-compliance with laws and in accordance with customs laws